Anorak News | Sells For $22,222:, And Others Got For Even More Sells For $22,222:, And Others Got For Even More

by | 3rd, October 2011

GYPSY.COM has sold for $22,222 on Sedo, a domain name brokerage house.

While Dale Farm residents work out how much actual land you can buy for that much cash,,,,, and all sold for $33,333 each. It’s all odd, isn’t it, how on the internet you can buy a name and pretend to be part of that actual place, though you might live miles and miles away. And it’s complete waste of money:

The group that governs Internet domain names is opening up the system so that companies and organizations can apply to create their own versions of .com, .org or .gov. Under the new rules, instead of a, Coca-Cola might control the domain .coke and assign Web addresses such as drink.coke or bottle.coke.

So. You can buy .Dorset or .gypsy. Who buys the addresses for a massive premium and why?

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