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There’re Only Two Tom Cleverleys: Sun Libels Manchester United Star

by | 5th, October 2011

IN its dash to expose unmarried Manchester Untied’s footballer as a man who might enjoy sex, the Sun linked the 22-year-old with 20-year-old Jade Dawson. The Sun quoted her recalling their alleged meeting in Blackpool club and the afters. Under the online headline “Man U ace begged me for sex at 5am (even though he’s dating)”, we were told that he “harassed a girl for sex after meeting her in a Blackpool nightclub”:

“He got on top of me to try to have sex with me but I told him to get off. He even woke me at 5am for sex but I still said ‘No'”.

The Man U ace – called up last week to the England squad – took her phone, put in his number saying, “Text me later if you want a s**g”.

Only, it wasn’t him:

AN article on 16 August reported that Manchester United footballer Tom Cleverley had begged a girl for sex after meeting her at a night club, even though he was dating a Page 3 model. In fact, entirely unknown to the girl it now transpires that the man involved, who looked like Tom Cleverley, was impersonating him. We apologise to Mr Cleverley for any embarrassment caused

David Price QC tells it:

“It transpires that, entirely unknown to the girl involved, an individual from Shipley who resembles Mr Cleverley was impersonating him, while another individual from the same town pretended to be his bodyguard. [Mr Cleverley] does not know them and had no knowledge that they were practising such deception.”

Damages are forthcoming.

Tom is dating Emily O’Hara. Or is he…? Emily, toss him a ball and see what occurs:


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