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Chupacabra Killed In Mississippi: Photos

by | 7th, October 2011

A STRANGE creature has been sighted in Simpson County, Mississippi. The creature’s back legs are longer than its front legs. It has long teeth,. It has no hair. And when Truitt Bernard saw what might have been the first or alt of its kind, he knew what to do: shoot it dead.

Says Barnard:

“It’s an ugly looking beast. I know it’s not a coyote. I’ve killed some mangy coyotes too, and I just haven’t seen something quite like it.”

The rumours are that it might be the fables Chupacabra – the goat sucker.

It’s dead. And even less fussy eaters will not touch it. Says Truitt’s son Scott:

“I’ve never seen anything a buzzard wouldn’t eat.”

Simpson County  needs a bowling alley…


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This rotting "sea serpent" carcass was captured by the Japanese fishing boat, the Zuiyo-Maru off the coast of New Zealand.

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