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Shark Infested Golf Course

by | 11th, October 2011

WHEN you were a kid, did you ever make a bit of pocket money by collecting errant balls on the local golf course?

Sadly this is not an option for the kids that live near a course in Australia because, oddly, it’s shark-infested. That’s right. Sharks. Sharks that like biting boats in half.

It’s not usual for a course to have a water hazard, but boy howdy, it seems a bit much to ask a player to fetch their stray shot out of a pond that might bight them.

Alas, such is the peril of the 14th hole at the Carbrook Golf Club in Brisbane.

So how did the man-eating bullsharks end up in the middle of a golf course? Well, they found themselves there after the Queensland course was flooded after a river broke its banks.

And they’re breeding.

Jesus. It sounds like the set-up for a brilliantly awful b-movie doesn’t it?

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