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Lisa Irwin: Did A Fat Policeman Steal The Missouri Babe?

by | 11th, October 2011

LISA Irwin: Anorak’s look at the missing child in the news. Can the local police look as clueless and kak-handed as the Oregon police hunting Kyron Horman? They can try.

Police in Kasas City, Missouri have staged a re-enactment of the night that the 10 month-old went missing from her cot, taken, as the parents Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin claim, by an intruder who gained access through an unlocked bedroom window.

The Daily Mail tells it like this:

A police re-enactment in the Baby Lisa case today raised scepticism about her parents’ claims that the child was plucked from her crib by an unknown abductor in the middle of the night.

How so?

The operation proved difficult for two officers acting as a potential kidnapper, as each had difficulty getting into the Kansas City, Missouri house and needed help from other investigators.

As Anorak’s in-house sleuths deduce in the forum:

Yampster: All that seems to prove is that she wasn’t abducted by a fat stupid copper
Anorakaren: Or, if she was abducted by a fat stupid copper, he didn’t climb through that window.
Yampster: Or it’s a cover up and he is just pretending to get stuck to throw us off the scent
Anorakaren: Are we thinking it’s the copper then?

Undeterred by fact, the Mail continues:

One officer got his legs caught in the window after it suddenly slammed closed while he was climbing in.

Don’t laugh. A child is missing.

Kansas City Missouri police spokesman Steve Young declined to comment on what investigative conclusions the break-in test resulted in. Speaking about the test Young said, “What the cameras saw speaks for itself.”

The Ex

In other news, we learn that Bradley is married to another man, the father of her six-year-old son Michael. Sean Bradley says he and Deborah separated four years ago, but never got divorced.

The Grand Jury

Fox 4 News reported Monday that the FBI agent helping them decipher Lisa’s case says news of a media subpoena and Grand Jury convening this soon is “a bit of a shock.”

Former FBI Agent Michael Tabman said it’s not unheard of and that he feels investigators believe some information is being withheld.

Tabman believes all the speaking parents have done on the news, whether it’s been transmitted or not transmitted, will be used to see what’s been said and to see if they can find any inconsistencies.

Then, they can try to get those inconsistencies explained. The Grand Jury plans to convene October 18.

The Witch Hunt

An aunt of missing 10-month-old Lisa Irwin said on Good Morning America this morning that she believes police are about to arrest the girls’ mother. Ashley Irwin said in the interview that Deborah Bradley’s arrest was inevitable. “It is what the police do, they don’t have any leads so they have to pin it on somebody,” Irwin said.

The Court Of Public Opinion

The Stir: “Missing Baby’s Parents Are Looking Guiltier by the Day”

Libel lawyers, are you listening? Jacqueline Burt has a feeling:

Meanwhile, Lisa’s parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, are said to be officially “cooperating” with police again, but they’ve offered no new information, and their own accounts of what happened that night are as inconsistent and improbable as ever. Which is why it’s getting harder and harder to ignore that nagging suspicion in the pit of my stomach …

Look, I truly do not want to believe that Deborah and/or Jeremy are guilty of doing something terrible to their daughter. I really don’t. But it’s starting to look more and more likely that they are, in fact, guilty.

The Man With No Name

Sacremento Bee:

Norval C. Nichols, who lives about a block from Lisa’s home, said that police showed him a photograph last week of the homeless man and asked about any possible connection to the missing child. Nichols described the homeless man as being in his 20s, with brownish blond hair and a clean appearance. The man once was seen in the neighborhood riding a red bicycle, he said.

Nichols said he also saw the man about a week or two before Lisa was reported missing but not afterward. The two men spoke briefly at a nearby park weeks ago. The man told Nichols that he was looking for a job or any handy jobs in the neighborhood.“He made me feel real uncomfortable,” Nichols said. “Something was not right, so I eased off from him.”

Such are the facts.

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