Anorak News | Man Asks Police To Return His Dropped Marijuana

Man Asks Police To Return His Dropped Marijuana

by | 12th, October 2011

TIME for a modern manners challenge. Who’s right?

Miles Bennet says the bag of marijuana police officer Dwayne Ausbrooks has found on the tarmac outside a Pittsburgh shop is his. Bennett says he accidentally dropped the weed.

Bennett asks for his drugs back:

“Nah, nah, nah that’s not even cool you can say what you want but, I’m going to tell you. I thought you were going to be cool though.”

Ausbrooks replies:

“Be cool about it? Sir, when I walk up here I find marijuana on the ground and you say ‘excuse me sir like that’s my marijuana.”

Bennett: “I thought you can’t get in trouble for that little bit.”

Ausbrooks: “You thought I wouldn’t get in trouble if I gave you back some marijuana Well not you, when no one was here till you called everybody.  Of course I called, I have a duty and responsibility to uphold the law.”

Bennett: “I understand that I’m not mad at you I’m just saying.”

Ausbrooks: “Well yeah I hope you’re not mad at me.”

See how weed makes you talkative, and polite.

The upshot is that Ausbrooks confiscated the weed and did not arrest Bennett, who we can deduce is partial to a toke. Was he right?


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