Anorak News | Joanna Yeates Murder Trial: Tabloids Corrupt Facts As Nigel Lickley Persuades Jury

Joanna Yeates Murder Trial: Tabloids Corrupt Facts As Nigel Lickley Persuades Jury

by | 12th, October 2011

JOANNA Yeates: Anorak’s look at the Vincent Tabak’s trial in the news:

The front page news on the Sun’s Jo” and the Mirror’sJoanne”.

“Tragic Jo’s 43 injuries” – Daily Star
“Jo Fought To Her Last Breath”- Daily Mirror
“Jo’s 43 ‘murder’ injuries”- The Sun
“Killer left Jo Yeates with 43 separate injuries”- Daily Express

A Tall Story:

Ryan Parry sticks to the facts ion the Daily Record:

The petite landscape architect suffered 43 separate injuries in her desperate struggle with her next-door neighbour Vincent Tabak. Tabak, at 6ft 3in almost a foot taller than Joanna, throttled her with his bare hands and her nose was broken.

Petite? Miss Yeates was 5ft 4inches tall and weighed 9st 3lbs

The Daily Mail says Tabak is 6ft 4inc.

The Express’s Anil Dawar notes:

Vincent Tabak, who stands 6ft 4in tall, was said to have overpowered the petite landscape architect during a “violent struggle” which left her with 43 injuries to her head, neck, body and limbs – including a broken nose.

There was violence. Although that broken nose is, to the Mail, “a small fracture at the base of her nose”.

Such things matter in a murder trial.

The Drama:

Prosecutor Nigel Lickley (pictured) tells the jury:

“On May 5, this defendant admitted killing Joanna Yeates – he pleaded guilty to her manslaughter. He accepts he unlawfully killed her. The issue is the state of mind when he killed Joanna Yeates and what he wanted to do when he held her for long enough to kill her. How he was in control – how he could have stopped but did not. We suggest he did not panic or lose control. He was cold and calculated. He killed her. We say that is what he wanted and intended to do and it is our case that he is guilty of murder.”

And that is the case in a nutshell.

But Lickley has a jury to sway. He sets the dramatic scene:

“Dr Delaney will tell you the neck compression was painful and she would have resisted and struggled. Two hands were used. The pathology reveals for at least one consistent period of time sufficient force was used by hand or hands to the neck of Joanna Yeates to kill her. There may be separate incidents. There was a violent struggle by Miss Yeates to try to survive.”

Mr Lickley would make a good tabloid journalist.

Still To Come:

Jurors sitting in the case of the man accused of murdering Joanna Yeates are visiting her flat on Wednesday. They are also going to see the verge where her body was found on Christmas Day.

Such are the facts.

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