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Ridiculously Greedy Liverpool Want To Sell Their Own TV Rights

by | 13th, October 2011

LIVERPOOL FC have hit on a neat idea. They want more money than the supposedly lesser teams because they want to compete in Europe. Basically, if clubs could sell their own TV rights, then those most popular around the world could profit hugely.

They do it in Spain, where you’ll be surprised to learn, Real Madrid and Barcelona are very, very happy with the deal. Real Betis and Getafe, not so much.

Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre believes the current system – where revenues are shared equally between the 20 clubs – is unfair to bigger teams.

If only there was some kind of league that already existed which favoured the more successful teams. Perhaps it would be a league played in Europe? Perhaps it would be a league of champions or something? That way, bigger clubs would get much more money than those just plying their trade in the domestic competitions.

Would that help?

Of course, Liverpool are looking a bit desperate with this claim as Manchester United don’t seem to think the current set-up is too unfair and that, in fact, they’ll grow support by winning everything. The swines. And Liverpool would need the support of 13 other clubs’ support for any changes to be made. With the government against it, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea also understood to be against it, it doesn’t seem likely that the smaller clubs will be game.

An example of a smaller club is Wigan. Would they support it? Chairman Dave Whelan is calling Liverpool’s request “scandalous” and thinks that it would “kill half the Premier League”.

“The worst thing for English football is for teams like Liverpool – the top four let’s say – who want to get rid of virtually half the Premier League. We will finish up like the Spanish league with just two teams in it, no competition, no anything, no heart and soul in the league.

“What we have is the finest league in the whole world and what Liverpool are calling for would absolutely wreck it. The likes of Wigan, Bolton, Blackburn, Wolves, Sunderland and Newcastle couldn’t compete.”

So here’s an idea: Why don’t Liverpool set up their own one-team league and win it every year..?

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