Anorak News | Escaped Criminal Breaks Agrement To Surrender For Chips

Escaped Criminal Breaks Agrement To Surrender For Chips

by | 15th, October 2011

LEIGH Francis is cornered. The fugitive has scaled a 40ft pylon. He is drinking beer. Police, three fire engine crews, ambulance staff and gawpers look on. Francis says he will only come down if they give him some chips. If they do not comply with his demands he may well jump.

Grant, 34, of Cannock, Staffs, has escaped from custody. The known drug dealer on the run, having illegally ripped off his electronic tag. If he jumps the mess will be a beaurocratic nightmare (surely tragic loss of life? -ed).

After a four-hour stand off, police agree. A volunteer heads off to purchase a £1.45 bag of chips from the Pye Green Fish Bar. And Leigh..? Well, he told the crowd to back off. He then climbed down, dashed across open ground and escaped in a waiting car.

An onlooker explains:

“He was there with his chips and beer – he seemed quite happy. I can’t believe he got away, apparently he told them to move the cars and he’d come down.”

Says Tom Zachariou, 37, assistant manager of the chip shop, adds:

“It was like something from the movies. A large crowd had gathered and police were everywhere. I have never seen anything like it. The bloke was about halfway up, swigging beer. I don’t know the bloke involved, but others in the shops round here do – and they don’t like him.”

Update: Grant has been arrested. He has had his chips…

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