Anorak News | Is the Daily Mail Stalking Amanda Knox? Nadia Gilani Has News On Foxy’s Burka Disguise

Is the Daily Mail Stalking Amanda Knox? Nadia Gilani Has News On Foxy’s Burka Disguise

by | 15th, October 2011

ANOTHER day and with it another chance for the Daily Mail to reports on Amanda Knox, the innocent American who never did take part in a demonic sex orgy and murder Meredith Kercher. Knox is  the innocent American ‘found guilty‘ by the Daily Mail’s technology and Nick Pisa’s quotes.

Of course, Meredith Kercher is the Mail’s Our Meredith, a British woman who was ruined by incompetent Italians (didn’t they free the innocent woman? – ed) and influential Americans who were, er, forced to sell lots of their stuff and go into debt to fight for their daughter.

The Mail’s Nadia Gilani delivers:

Helping hand: Amanda Knox tries to disguise herself as she enjoys an arm-and-arm walk with her best girl friend

Knox’s “disguise” is a hat. Late in the article, Gilani detects an “autumn chill”. Yep, it might even be cold enough to wear a, er, hat.

Gilani adds:

Fresh-faced Amanda Knox is not letting anything get in the way of her making a new start.

Although she might have to sidestep the paparazi.

Go on:

On Thursday she walked hand in hand through downtown Seattle with best friend Madison Paxton, who stayed close to Knox while she was in prison in Italy. After lunch they walked with some family members through a crowded shopping square during a Wall Street Protest in downtown Seattle, barely noticeable with their covered heads and Paxton’s sunglasses.

How dare the Seattle locals not stop, stare and point.

A photo is captioned:

Onlookers barely took a second look at the pair, who kept their heads down and their face covered as they enjoyed their afternoon out, walking arm in arm

Their face covered? The photos show no burkas. The photos show “fresh-faced” Amanda Knox.

Gilani continues:

Earlier she was seen taking a drive with her step-father, Chris Mellas in her Seattle hometown. The pair made a pit-stop to grab a coffee at a drive-through Starbucks coffee shop before driving on.

Is the Mail stalking Amanda Knox in case she doesn’t have another sex orgy and doesn’t kill soemone…again?

She was all smiles, which was a far cry from the pale and ashen skin she sported while in an Italian court as she waited to hear her fate.

Get a load of that photo on the left of Knox when she sees the photographer gawping at her. All smiles?

Gilani ploughs on:

Until now, Knox has been keeping a low-profile as she comes to terms with her celebrity and intrigue surrounding her since she was acquitted of murdering British student Meredith Kercher last week.

Hold on a moment? What happened to her being in disguise? Nadia tells us that Knox was keeping a low profile (see here and post-release press conference) and now she is keeping a high profile in a disguise?

Come on, Nadia, try to follow your own report…

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