Anorak News | X Factor Week 2: Tulisa Murders Misha B And Johnny Is Freddy Krueger

X Factor Week 2: Tulisa Murders Misha B And Johnny Is Freddy Krueger

by | 15th, October 2011

THE X FACTOR: It’s the second live show. Highlights are:

Misha B is the only act who looks like she can sing and perform. The Sun did its best to try and make it look less like a procession by cooking up a shocker sourced in an anonymous insider’s words:

“Misha is out of control and Kelly just snapped. She told her that unless she packs it in, she’ll be sent packing herself.”

Yep. And on the fifteenth Sunday of that particular month, Hell will open a ski resort.

Tulisa then tries to kill Misha B by telling Kelly Rowland she is turning Misha B into a “brand – which is a serious selling point”. Can we Occupy the X Factor and kick the capitalist pigs out of music?

Rhythmix look like a 1980s auditions for Brookside.

Johnny Robinson yells Gary: “You can rub my lamp any time”. Johnny looks like Freddy Krueger on the Atkin’s Diet.

Janet’s grandfather passed away this week.

Louis Walsh tells Nu Rivbe: “Guys the best thing about this group is image, you look brilliant. But there is something missing, there is no chemistry I don’t know what it is…for me there was no vibe.”

The Beatles have no beetles; the Rolling Stones have no stones; and had Walsh managed the Doors they’d have outsold Ted Moult 4 to 1….

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