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David Cameron Not Mistaken For Gary Glitter On London Underground

by | 17th, October 2011

DID anyone else see David Cameron on the London Underground? The Prime Minister, was on the Tube London Underground, riding incognito dressed in immaculate dark blue suit, midnight blue tie and brogues. To his rear is a thick-wristed low-browed sort with a licence to kill. You might have mistaken Cameron for a banker riding the Tube for a dare. But that is the Prime Minster, a man who forgoes a company car with driver for public transport.

In case you aren’t already staring at him, Cameron is approaching one Sanyogita Mayer, 27, and her husband Yanko, 31, to ask about their their three-month-old daughter Sayama.

Says Mrs Mayer:

“We were on our way to go shopping. This man got on at Westminster and came past me and said: ‘Is it your baby?'”

Mrs Mayer is from India. You might wonder why Dave asked her this question and what tone he used. Did he use the anti-immigration “Is that your baby?”, or opt for the smoothy “Is that your baby…” you don’t look nearly old enough, my dear.

Mrs Mayer goes on:

“I said ‘yes’, and he said: ‘Your baby is really beautiful.'”

At which point all the schoolboys shouted “Clean Shirt” or “Nonce”.

Mrs Mayer adds:

“I thanked him for saying that and he moved away but stood near me. I asked my husband: ‘Who is this man complimenting my baby?'”

At which point those schoolboys yelled out: “It’s Gary Glitter!”

“When he told me it was the Prime Minister I told him to stop joking with me. But my husband insisted so I went up to Mr Cameron and I said: ‘Excuse me, are you the Prime Minister?’ He said ‘yes’ and I started laughing. Then I apologised for having to ask him the question.”

Don’t worry, Sanogita, hundreds of people in St Paul’s Church Yard are wondering about the same thing…

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