Anorak News | Fire Crew Cut Durham Man Free From Toilet Seat

Fire Crew Cut Durham Man Free From Toilet Seat

by | 18th, October 2011

TO Tudhoe, County Durham, where the fire brigade is freeing a 26-year-old man from a toilet seat. The man and his freinds, who had been drinking, wanted to see what things they could fit over their heads.  So. He put a toilet seat over his head and it became stuck about his torso.

After two hours to stugglign to free himself, the emergency services were called. The reasons of efficint and comedy value, the brigade invited the man to pop along to the station.

Says one of the crew, manager Michael Burden:

“The man rang us first to see if we could help and he came with his girlfriend and a friend. He looked rather flushed when he arrived but relieved when we managed to get the toilet seat off him. He had been drinking and had been playing a game to see what items could fit over his head.  He managed to do just that with the toilet seat, but it got stuck around his body. He was a bit worse for wear, but we used our cutting equipment to get it off. After his release he was so pleased he gave one of our firemen a big kiss. He took the loo seat home with him as a memento.”

Of course, wearing toilet seat while drunk may not be entirely foolish…although removing yout trousers might be harder. Time for a joke:

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