Anorak News | Hitler’s Nazi Racoons Invade Bromsgrove

Hitler’s Nazi Racoons Invade Bromsgrove

by | 20th, October 2011

NAZI raccoons have invaded Bromsgove.

One of the masked fascists has been caught by a home owner near Dudley.

Before now, the racoons were contained on mainland Europe. Now at least one has crossed into Blighty.

Estimates are that there are a million of the beasts occupying land from Spain to Denmark. Hitler’s racoons are gowing in number and influence.

In 1934, Hermann Goering introduced them to Kassel, a city north of Frankfurt 1934. He wanted racoons to “enrich the Reich’s fauna“.

Charlie Wilson from Natural England, has a word of warning:

“As long as we do not get breeding pairs in the wild the solitary animals will die out naturally, even if not caught or killed. But the influx of sightings over the last few years does seem to point to a more serious problem than a few pets on the run. From an ecological point of view, I don’t think a breeding population of raccoons would have any trouble surviving in the wild in Britain”.”

Release the pumas!

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