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Mong-Faced Ricky Gervais Really Is David Brent: He Wasn’t Acting

by | 21st, October 2011

IS Ricky Gervais turning into a parody of Ricky Gervais? On his website – well, at least one pretending to be his – the comic confronts his use of the word “mong” and his drive to “reclaim” its meaning “div” or “dozy‘ or a “spud-headed twonk“. His vehicle to change the world is twitter. On it he will market himself as edgy and only disliked by those spiteful losers who are envious of his success. ¬†Sure, he illustrated his new meaning of mong by shoving his tongue into his bottom lip and crossed his eyes, but any connection with the Mongoloid, aka those with Down’s Syndrome was accidental. He says:

“I have never used the word Mongol. I have used ‘mong’, but never to mean Down Syndrome and never would.”

Gervais never spotted the link. In any case, he soon adapted his argument and stated: “Gay, for example, would never be sued to mean happy any more.

Will other comics join his crusade – straight or gay ones? Well, none have yet to give throat to their support. Indeed, TV funnyman Sean Lock tells the Sun:

The term ‘mong’ is associated with some of the weakest and most innocent members of society and the mark of a society is how they look after those people. It’s easy, lazy comedy.

Maybe Gervais’ foil Karl Pilkington can help, or Steven Merchant, his writing partner? As yet, there’s been not a peep from either. Gervais will have to valiantly change the world on his own. This makes this, his latest production of a man unaware of his own limitations, very watchable.

On the other side is the aforesaid Lock, the envious and the fabled “PC Brigade, of whom Gervais notes:

“The humourless PC brigade have been out in force trying to influence the vote with ill informed negative comments… thanks for the support as others wilfully misunderstand to justify their point.”

A pox on the PC Brigade whose work means that in this brave new world calling someone a “Paki” or tossing bananas at a “nigger” footballer is unacceptable. Tsk! Those sad, sad pathetic people in the PC Brigade.

Now, of course, Gervais is the persecuted minority of one, the lone voice who dares say “mong” and mean it as he knows it should be meant.

It is, ultimately, entertaining stuff. Maybe Gervais will tell us that it’s all a big irony-laded joke about the sad power of being rich celebrity who understands things better than you?

Here’s self-depracating Ricky Gervais:

I love how me using “mong” to mean “div” or “gimp” (and explaining that 20 times) has become…¬†“Ricky Gervais abuses Down’s Syndrome children.”

Ha ha. Why children?

Also a tweet that wasn’t even mine is suddenly one of my “sick jokes”.

It really is like that episode of Extras. (Still available.)

I also love how everyone is trying to get in on it too. We’ll definitely see some comedians on daytime telly discussing how terrible I am, then mentioning their upcoming gig that’s not selling. Good luck to them though.

I’m keeping out of it.

Now I understand that you can’t please everyone with the things you say and nor should you try… but surely they have to report what I say accurately before they start to damn it?

Again that’s the good thing about Twitter. It’s documented.

I should just say a thank you for the overwhelming support too. Means a lot.

And that’s another thing. All these people saying it’s “disgusting” and “ban him from the telly”… They never liked me anyway. They couldn’t have or they would understand.

Still mustn’t grumble.

Keep going, Ricky. Don’t let anyone stop you…

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