Anorak News | Hammersmith Free School Isolates Boy For Having Too Short Hair

Hammersmith Free School Isolates Boy For Having Too Short Hair

by | 23rd, October 2011

MORE wrong haircut news now as we learn that Kai Frizzle, 11, has been sent home from West London Free School in Hammersmith for having hair 3mm too short. One day after his removal he was taught in isolation.

This follows news that Warrington lad Regan Smith’s hair was too long in the middle and not long enough at the sides. He too was isolated in school.

Kai’s mother Tania Scott put her boy’s hair in perspective:

“His haircut is the same as Barack Obama’s and Lewis Hamilton’s. He has had the same style since he was five. I am so upset… I am thinking of taking him out of the school.”

We would argue that either Mrs Scott is a top talent spotter, using her son’s head to show her recognition of Obama and Hamilton’s rising stars, or else her son’s style is a mere coincidence, it being also similar to that worn by convicted rapist Mike Tyson, Ugandan family man Idi Amin and P Diddy.

The Evening Standard reports that “school rules state boys’ hair must be no shorter than a grade two cut, and must be no longer than collar length. Ms Scott said her son’s hair is grade 1.5 around the sides and a grade 2 on top”.

Headteacher Thomas Packer supports the rules:

“If I didn’t apply the code consistently it breeds bullying and unpleasantness.”

Rules are rules.

For what it’s worth Anorak would prefer it if all youths of school age had their ages shaved into the back of their heads and details of any criminal record…

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