Anorak News | Hillary Clinton Wants Lockerbie Bomber Slammed Up: Megrahi Might Wish He Were Dead

Hillary Clinton Wants Lockerbie Bomber Slammed Up: Megrahi Might Wish He Were Dead

by | 24th, October 2011

HILLARY CLINTON, the USA Secretary of State, wants the United Kingdom’s worst mass murderer convicted of the Lockerbie bombing back in a Scots jail.

Her demand came as Libyans celebrated freedom from 42 years of Gaddafi. The street parties coincided with the discovery of mass killings in Gaddafi’s last stronghold Sirte. The New York Times says mutilated bodies of 58 pro-Gaddafi officials and bodyguards, many Black, were found in the grounds of a hotel which had been held by the militia attacking the town.

The bodies are thought to have been there at least a week. All shown signs of abuse and execution. One was decapitated.

The USA Secretary of State had another attack on the Scottish move of freeing Abdelbaset al Megrahi on compassionate grounds in 2009. She also said if the Scots refused then someone else may feel the bomber’s collar.

The Herald, Glasgow, reports:

‘She said: “We want to see him returned to prison, preferably in Scotland, where he was serving the sentence, but if not, elsewhere, because we thought it was a miscarriage of justice that he was released from the sentence that had been imposed for the ghastly bombing of Pan Am 103.” ‘

Megrahi was found guilty of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 in December 1988.

He was handed over to Libya when doctor(s) said his prostate cancer was terminal and he had just three months to live.

The Scottish Government rejected the call and said Megrahi had been released on licence under Scots law and was sticking to the terms of his release.

The parochial Renfrew Council must have a hot line to Tripoli then?


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