Anorak News | Mark Hughes Should Be Manchester United’s BBC Reporter: Roberto Mancini Might Laugh

Mark Hughes Should Be Manchester United’s BBC Reporter: Roberto Mancini Might Laugh

by | 24th, October 2011

CAN we chortle that not long after the Sir Alex Ferguson has ended his spat with the BBC he is forced to tell TV viewers how Manchester United came to be thrashed 1-6 at home to Manchester City?

Ferguson has finally agreed to be bound by the rule demanding that all Premier League managers must be asked how they feel by a BBC reporter. The job of fielding the asinine questions used to be Mike Phelan’s, a decent talker who never once had a journalist banned, swore on camera nor refused to appear on MUTV, United’s in-house broadcaster.

Of course, the BBCs default position with Sir Alex is supine. Rather then revelling in his side’s heavy defeat, the BBC went for fremdscamen, the act of feeling embarrassed on behalf of others.

Indeed, if Mark Hughes is looking for a job, he may care to offer himself as the BBC’s official Manchester United reporter. This was what Hughes had to say on Roberto Mancini’s managerial style in light of the Carlos Tevez affair (Carlos who?):

“I don’t know the guy personally, but looking at him from the outside, he comes across as autocratic. It’s either his way or the highway. I’m not sure he indulges players, tries to get to know or understand them. I’m not sure he’s that type of manager. Managing like that in the modern age with modern footballers is more difficult. To be an absolute autocrat and not be flexible in terms of how it’s going to be done and not understand your decisions can impact on players is difficult, because they do.”

Hughes, for those of you not in the know, used to manage Manchester City before he was sacked and replaced by…Roberto Mancini…


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