Anorak News | Chelsea’s John Terry Says He Is The Real Victim Of QPR Abuse: Anton Ferdinand Might Wonder

Chelsea’s John Terry Says He Is The Real Victim Of QPR Abuse: Anton Ferdinand Might Wonder

by | 25th, October 2011

DID England and Chelsea captain John Terry racially abuse QPR defender Anton Ferdinand? Coming after the allegation that Liverpool’s Suarez called Manchester United’s Evra a nigger, this looks like more bad news for football (Suarez denies the charge.).

The allegation is that Terry called Ferdinand a black c**t.

Terry’s explanation is that the conversation went like this:

Ferdinand: “Did you just call me a f***ing black c***?”
Terry: “Oi! I never said f***ing black c*** you f***ing knobhead.”

Terry issues a statement:

“I’ve seen that there’s a lot of comments on the internet with regards to some video footage of me in today’s game. I’m disappointed that people have leapt to the wrong conclusions about the context of what I was seen to be saying to Anton Ferdinand. I thought Anton was accusing me of using a racist slur against him. I responded aggressively, saying that I never used that term. I would never say such a thing, and I’m saddened that people would think so. I have known Anton for a long time and spoke to him about it after the game, and there was no problem between us. I congratulated him on their win. He has not accused me of any wrongful remark. It was clear it was all a misunderstanding at the time. After the result, I am saddened to be dealing with these wrongful allegations. I am the proud captain of one of the most internationally diverse teams in the Premier League and I absolutely believe that there is no place for racism in sport and indeed in any walk of life.”

Context is important. In this age of the internet, where words can be taken out of context and played with – where political discourse is reduced as the players dare not use irony – words can take on new meanings.

The Daily Mail says “internet and social networking users appeared to launch a smear campaign against him [Terry]“.

Terry vows:

“I’ll do whatever it takes to clear my name and I don’t have anything to hide. I’m not taking that level of abuse. Anton and I spoke for 10 minutes in the dressing room after the game and there is no issue between us. It’s finished.”

So. Terry is the victim of abuse. The story is getting muddier.

The polcie have become involed. A Scotland Yard spokesman states:

“We can confirm police have been notified of an incident on Sunday, October 23 involving alleged racial abuse. This is currently being assessed by officers from Hammersmith and Fulham.”

You might suppose the Mail is on the side of Terry, that noble player who allegedly repeatedly cheated on his wife, once with the mother of former team-mates Wayne Bridge’s child.

But negativity soon arrives:

Terry also disappointed more than 200 fans — including scores of children on their half-term break — at the opening of a pet shop. He was reportedly due to attend the event at Reptile Kingdom, in Surbiton, but pulled out. However, he insisted he had never been available because it was the first day of half-term and he had a chance to be with his children. He said in a statement: ‘I had not agreed to attend the opening of this or any other shop today. I had been asked if I would consider the opportunity and declined on two separate occasions.’

However, shop owner Terrence Clark, who claimed he had organised the appearance through a mutual friend, said: ‘It looks bad on him and not us. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed, but we still had a good time.’

And that’s the thing with Terry: his reputation precedes him…


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