Anorak News | Gaddafi Becomes Riddle Of The Sands: Bodies Tipped In Secret Desert Graves

Gaddafi Becomes Riddle Of The Sands: Bodies Tipped In Secret Desert Graves

by | 25th, October 2011

MUAMMAR Gaddafi, the 69-year-old Libyan tyrant who spent 42 years as the iron man in control of his country, was buried in the Libyan desert at dawn today.

Officials from the interim government had said the ousted Libyan leader would be buried in a secret desert grave, ending a wrangle over his corpse which meant many feared for the country’s stability.

Government militia had put the body on show in a cold store in Misrata while they argued over what to do with it.

Decay forced an end to the ghoulishness.

His rotting body taken from the Misrata market meat locker at nightfall yesterday.

His son and chief of defence,who were killed with him last Thursday after their capture as they tried to breakout of the last Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte, were also disposed of.

It is not known where the the burial site is and the Libyans will keep it secret to avoid it becoming a shrine.

An announcement said clerics were at the burial site even though a fatwa preventing a Muslim service was in force. There was no service, no muslim burial ground but a couple of prayers were said.

That decision alone shows the chaos and turmoil which seemed to beset the National Transitional Council of Libya is settling and the way is clearing to establish some sort of order into the huge (in area) oil-rich but fractured State which has few usable infra-structures.

No standing Army. No untainted police force and a medical and economic structure which both face collapse and ruin unless other nations release the hidden trillions of dollars the Gaddafi family stole and hoarded away in Western and Far East businesses and banks.

There will be a very large number of out of work torturers and secret servicemen kicking their heels.

The new government’s first couple of days of nervous trepidation and indecision show it may never be known just what were the facts behind those last few hours of the Gaddafi era. The rival militia actions; the truth of Gaddafi’s murder after capture or just how many of the Gaddafi black Chad mercenary bodyguards were similarly slaughtered after surrendering and are also in secret mass graves.

The scramble to take advantage of the need to rebuild has already started and European construction and oil companies are urging they be allowed in to help – and make giant profits.

It is probably best to not schedule a family holiday at the Benghazi, Misrata or Tripoli Lidos.

There could be a couple of good jobs going in the oil fields but don’t take a bucket and spade and going digging in the sand…there’s horror upon horror out there.


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