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Libya Is A Rabid Dog Waiting For The Next Gaddafi NATO Approves Of

by | 26th, October 2011

THERE can be no hand-wringing for the fate of Gaddafi. He maimed and murdered his people in a vain glorious attempt to retain his family’s fortune and power. He used terror squads of mercenaries and tanks. He tortured and showed no mercy. None at all.

Libya and Gaddafi news coverage has been at saturation point for months.

What has happened in the past four or five days has shown war is bloody, brutal and often totally uncontrolled.

It is not at all nice…and little or no difference between the in-country opponents.

There is NO good side and the social and traditional practices of Libya’s tribal factions are an anathema to almost all international opinion. This is clearly shown by the diplomatic protests over the feral revengeful treatment of captured individuals.

Libya has been caught out and shown be a mainly unsophisticated divided rural tribal community with unchanged ancient methods of treatment of enemies.

“What do you expect of Arabs?” Has been the usual dismissive comment.

All of it has been captured on digital phones and broadcast around the world.

The difference being, in the good old Hollywood days the bad guys were smeared with honey, and dragged off out of camera focus behind a sand dune. They were staked out in the burning desert sun over an ant nest.  Swarthy archetype hooked-nosed Arabs then watched for fun and drank tea…there were no Sky Sports broadcasts and rolling news to entertain them.

This is not – is NOT – an Indiana Jones film. The horrendous events we have all seen were done in our names.

Libya’s new government would never have been in today’s position without massive commitment and the precise targeting and delivery of Nato’s Hell-fire missiles. First we destroyed Libyan aircraft on the ground then, with a truly splendid surgical precision aircraft were directed in and we destroyed selected strategic targets. There was no Libyan influence or direction to the armed aircraft. Europe and America Special Forces were in-country and directing the fire-storm.

No rebel advance was possible without the all-seeing air support of Nato.

Many innocents were killed, the numbers will never be known, and the vengeful Gaddafi slaughtered, maimed and tortured making life a living hell for regions and tribes which showed less than 100 per cent support for him.

This has also become a subject for challenge. Britain and others have spend enormous amounts of money to fund this regime overthrow. No accounts have yet been seen. The UK is cutting benefits payable to its own disabled persons while launching multi-million bombing missions with no guaranteed return?

Finally, is NATO now the world’s Big Brother, the armed response squad? If so do you approve; did you vote on it?

What happened last Thursday and later was the diplomatic equivalent of rescuing a mistreated puppy, bringing it into your home and discovering it had rabies – only after it had bitten the baby.

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