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On Finding Einstein’s Brain In A Costa Cider Jar

by | 26th, October 2011

Stephen Levy on finding Einstein’s lost brain

I came to the conclusion that the brain, in sectioned form, was still in the possession of the pathologist who removed it from the Einstein head, Dr. Thomas Harvey. I tracked him down in Wichita, Kansas. At first he didn’t want to tell me anything, but after a while he finally admitted that he had the brain. After a longer while, he sheepishly told me it was IN THE VERY OFFICE WE WERE SITTING IN. He walked to a box labeled “Costa Cider” and pulled out two big Mason jars. In those were the remains of the brain that changed the world.


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MARCH 14: On this day in 1879 scientist Albert Einstein was born, in Ulm, Germany. He spent his youth in Munich where his family owned a small shop. He did not talk until the age of 3, but even as a youth he showed a brilliant curiosity about nature and an ability to understand difficult mathematical concepts. He is perhaps the most well known scientist of the 20th Century. A LIBRARY PHOTO OF PROFESSOR ALBERT EINSTEIN, c1921. 19/03/01: A new survey released reveals that British people are more inspired by scientists Marie Curie and Albert Einstein than celebrities Posh and Becks. * The Mori poll, commissioned by the Cancer Research Campaign and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund to coincide with National Science Week, found that 75% of females questioned looked up to pioneering researcher Marie Curie while just 4% said they were inspired by Posh Spice Victoria Beckham.

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