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On Finding Einstein’s Brain In A Costa Cider Jar

by | 26th, October 2011

Stephen Levy on finding Einstein’s lost brain

I came to the conclusion that the brain, in sectioned form, was still in the possession of the pathologist who removed it from the Einstein head, Dr. Thomas Harvey. I tracked him down in Wichita, Kansas. At first he didn’t want to tell me anything, but after a while he finally admitted that he had the brain. After a longer while, he sheepishly told me it was IN THE VERY OFFICE WE WERE SITTING IN. He walked to a box labeled “Costa Cider” and pulled out two big Mason jars. In those were the remains of the brain that changed the world.


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Prof. Albert Einstein’s new home in Neu Cladow, near Berlin, Germany on March 14, 1929 which was presented to him by the Berlin Municipality on occasion of his 50th birthday. (AP Photo)

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