Anorak News | Big Media Makes Turkey Earthquake About Israel

Big Media Makes Turkey Earthquake About Israel

by | 26th, October 2011

CAN big media make even the Turkey earthquake about Israel?

Reuters reports:

A Turkish foreign ministry official said later that Turkey had received offers of help from dozens of countries after the magnitude 7.2 quake, and had so far declined assistance from all of them.

The headline: Turkey declines Israeli aid offer.

The LA Times repots:

But for now Turkey has politely declined help from Israel and other nations, saying it hoped to tackle the crisis on its own.

The headline: Turkey declines Israelis assistance in earthquake recovery.

Hurriyet reports in Turkey:

“Whoever is doing this is doing something horrendous,” Ar?nç said. “We may not be on the best of terms with Israel on a governmental basis. Yet to respond negatively to such humane offers of the Israeli government in the wake of such disaster would have been wrong and inappropriate. It is completely untrue that we refused their help on separate agendas.”

Israeli aid – and that from many other nations – is helping Turkey…

Photo: Ibrahim Sonmez collects pieces of wood from the wreckage of his four-story building, toppled by a powerful quake. in the town of Ercis in Van province, Turkey, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011. The 65-year-old man said he needs the wood to heat his family, living outdoors, at night. The 7.2-magnitude earthquake on Sunday knocked down more than 100 buildings in two cities and mud-brick homes in nearby villages, killing hundreds of people and injuring many more. (AP Photo/Selcan Hacaoglu)



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