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Madeleine McCann: Inspiring Duncan McAlister Is The Sun’s Maddie Perv

by | 27th, October 2011

MADELEINE McCann: Duncan McAlister is the Sun’sMaddie perv”.

As we know, the title “Maddie perv” is a movable one. Today’s “Maddie perv” is spotted by Gordon Tait:

Maddie perv freed… because he’s disabled

Go on:

A TWISTED paedophile who trawled the web for footage of child rape and “Maddie porn” has avoided jail — because he is disabled.

Maddie porn? Not the mourn porn that turned the House of Commons into a mawkish soup of emotion, but actual Madeleine McCann porn.

Vile Duncan McAlister, 24 — who suffers from brittle bone disease — was snared with almost 500 sick images of kids on his computer. But yesterday Ayr Sheriff Jack McGowan claimed that there was no point in caging wheelchair-bound McAlister because prison chiefs could not cope with his medical needs.

Might this be the very dame Duncan McAlister who back in 2002 was honoured at the 21st annual child of achievement awards? (See picture.) The awards honour children who have endured painful and invasive medical treatments… “while still having a smile on their faces and becoming an inspiration to others around them.”

The Daily Record profiled him thus:

ALL children love to run and play, but such activities are out of the question for the 14-year-old Duncan. He must sit and watch his friends play from his wheelchair, as even the slightest bump could leave him in agony.

His bones are so brittle a mere jolt could snap them and he has lost count of the number of fractures he has suffered. The fragile youngster avoids crowds at all costs and must leave classes five minutes early to escape the school corridor crush.

However, yesterday’s ceremony in London’s Hilton Hotel was one party the chirpy youngster was determined not to miss. Duncan, who lives in Ayr, said: “It was pretty busy at the hotel and I was quite nervous, but I survived the day in one piece. And getting this award is quite humbling.”

While Duncan’s parents Jim and Isla say they wish they could wrap him up in cotton wool, the plucky youngster jokes he enjoys the extra attention. He explained: “I get on with things and don’t dwell on my condition.

“I don’t see myself as some poor wee boy, as everyone has something wrong with them. In fact, I quite enjoy the pampering.”

Claire Brannigan, of the awards, said: “Duncan’s an inspiring young man whom others are keen to work alongside. His example of simply getting on with life has won him huge admiration.”

A few years on and McAlister is in another tabloid, this time being billed as a “fiend“.

The judge tells him:

“I’m conscious of your personal circumstances. You are not able to live independently, you can’t walk or even go to the toilet on your own. It’s highly unlikely that the prison authorities would be able to provide for you.”

It is also highly unlikely that he would be a predatory peadophile capable to stealing a child from a flat in Portugal. For one thing: stairs.

Ayr Sheriff Court heard McAlister admitted spending two years downloading filth from the web from 2007 to 2009. His sick searches also included “pre-teen paedo”, “toddler little girl”.

Go on:

But prosecutors were unable to confirm if his search for “Maddie porn” was in relation to missing Madeleine McCann.

So. This story only has nothing to do with Our Maddie because the Sun has shoe-horned the benchmark for “every parent’s worst nightmare” into a story that does not feature the missing child.

Spotter: Karen

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