Anorak News | Sara Raylance And Fazy Uddin’s ‘Muslim’ Death

Sara Raylance And Fazy Uddin’s ‘Muslim’ Death

by | 28th, October 2011

TEENAGED lovers Sara Rylance died trying to save her boyfriend Fayz Uddin, who had fallen into a canal in Smethwick. Both died. The Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph made this story about Muslims.In their fevered minds, Fayz’s religion was in some way complicit in the lovers’ deaths. There is not a shred of evidence to support their stance. All we get is a source telling us that “cultural differences” meant the lovers kept their romance secret from his parents.

The Mail reported:

Muslim boy and non-Muslim girl in ‘forbidden love’ relationship die after falling into canal

The Telegraph oozed:

Muslim boy and non-Muslim girl in secret romance die after falling canal [sic]

To place the word “Muslim” at the start of the story is dishonest and repugnant journalism.

So. To the Daily Star, whereon the deaths is front-page news.

But Jerry Lawton make not a single mention of the words “Muslim” and “Islam”. This is quite a change in tact from the newspaper that once supported the EDL and lambasted Muslim toilets.

Hats off the Daily Star, which has seen the error of its ways.

The Mail and Telegraph remain mired in a more subtle form of racism.

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