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College Uses Photos Of Rejected Student In Prospectus

by | 28th, October 2011

THE Portsmouth News reports on Aaron Jones. He was rejected by South Down’s College, where he had applied to study A-levels in business, biology and sociology. The college then used photos of the 18-year-old in its 2012 prospectus.

Says he:

“It’s totally hypocritical of them. South Downs let me down in a big way but now they’re using my project to make them look good. They rejected my application to do A-levels because they said they felt I wouldn’t commit to the course, but clearly they think highly enough of the work I did to advertise it.”

A South Downs spokeswoman explains:

“The photograph was taken on April 1 at an engineering event for students to showcase their work. Aaron received a pass grade for this project. The prospectus is promoting the course he was on and completed. The prospectus was in print before Aaron applied for a different course.”

So. He was passed one course but was not educated enough to get onto one of the college’s other courses?

But the oddest part of the story seems to be that the student is studying psychology, biology and sociology A-levels at Highbury College in Cosham. Why? Well, he wants to be an…engineer .


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