Anorak News | Supermarket Uses Amy Winehouse To Sell Cheap Booze?

Supermarket Uses Amy Winehouse To Sell Cheap Booze?

by | 28th, October 2011

AMY Winehouse died from alcohol abuse. The Independent tells its readers this news right alongside a big advert for cheap booze at Sainsburys.

Perhaps this is what George Monbiot meant whan he told Guardian readers and advertisers:

“I detest this poison, but I also recognise that I am becoming more dependent on it. As sales of print editions decline, newspapers lean even more heavily on advertising. Nor is the problem confined to the commercial media. Even those who write only for their own websites rely on search engines,¬†platforms and programs ultimately funded by advertising. We’re hooked on a drug that is destroying society. As with all addictions, the first step is to admit to it.”

Monbiot must approve of the Indy, which seems to be doing its best to alienate a big advertiser…

Spotter: RJ Partington

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