Anorak News | X Factor’s Jesy Nelson Is Weeping Role Model For The Occupy ITV Movement

X Factor’s Jesy Nelson Is Weeping Role Model For The Occupy ITV Movement

by | 30th, October 2011

DID you know that the X Factor’s Jesy Nelson is in “tears”? Well, she is. The Sun reports:

Net bullies leave X Factor’s Jesy in tears – Little Mix star weeps after cruel comments

Isn’t being abused and teary part of the journey to being a female star? The self-obsession is part of what it is to be a “diva”, “icon” or whatever the current marketing phrase is. And then there is the misery. Famous female singers are always portrayed in the tabloids as being utterly miserable, insecure wrecks. Cheryl Cole lives in Hurtmore House and weeps for Ashley Cole. Britney Spears is falling to bits. Amy Winehouse is pained and troubled.

Jesy is just getting into the part. Forget the trolls, Jesy, they’re just trainee journalists and biopic writers – the professional sods will slaughter you in a multimedia tear-fest; your life reduced to a cartoon of extreme emotions and ultimate loneliness and unfullfillment. Sure you will have the cash and the fame but such things are wasted on women.

The Sun reports on the latest contestant who thinks what she reads online is more humiliating than what she voluntarily endures on the X Factor:

Jesy, who is one part of girlband Little Mix, broke down in tears on the show after seeing hurtful jibes about her appearance on the web. The singer opened up about her ‘insecurities’ ahead of the show, where she cried on her bandmate’s shoulder. Sobbing to camera, she said: “People are writing a few nasty comments. It just got to me a little bit. Obviously when you’ve got your own insecurities and then when people go and tell you, and write them on websites for everyone to see, it just makes you feel really rubbish. Being in a girl group with three beautiful girls, who are obviously a lot slimmer and smaller than me, and obviously I know I’m a lot bigger … I find it really hard when people publicise it.”

Blimey, the poor cow might actually think she’s in a singing contest. It’s not. It’s an ugly popularity contest, in which the more marketable and pliable acts are presented to a manipulated TV and tabloid audience with televisual grammar, expert mockery bare faced lying.

The Sun adds:

Hundreds of X Factor viewers were quick to slam the cruel bullies on Twitter.
chloeleggattTVD wrote: “Sat crying at jesy from @littlemixoffic Everything she said is what i go through!I love you so much jesy, thankyou for being my rolemodel!

A weeping role model. In a time of economic meltdown, you might expect stoicism, selflessness and bravery to be the stuff of entertainment. But the X Factor is trapped in a diminishing hell of its own making, processing would-be professional singers into greedy, needy tear-soaked sausage meat. Don’t Occupy London; Occupy ITV – the place where grasping, rapacious, dream-crushing, soul-destroying, victim-making greed really does hold sway…


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