Anorak News | Panicky Police Shoot At Escaped Cow (Video)

Panicky Police Shoot At Escaped Cow (Video)

by | 1st, November 2011

WHEN a cow escaped from a truck on its way to the slaughterhouse, brave Canadian police in Gatineau police screamed “FREEZER!”, ¬†drew their guns and shots at it. They did not adopt it, make it their precinct’s mascot nor re-home it in a luscious field. They repeatdly fired at it. The action was captured on video.

Const. Pierre Lanthier of the Gatineau police tells media:

“The cops at one point have to decide if it’s threatening for the population, is it too dangerous? They decided at one point they had no choice but to shoot the animal.”

Animal rights campaigners wonder why the police did use tranquilizers.

The video is ridiculous. Panicking police fire ten shots at the lumbering bovine which remains standing and mobile. Later, you just know the cow hunters went for burgers…

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