Anorak News | Ultimate Greek Tragedy: A Tale of Well-Heeled Swine Bankers

Ultimate Greek Tragedy: A Tale of Well-Heeled Swine Bankers

by | 3rd, November 2011

swine “EUROPE’S leaders should have paid more attention to the distress of ordinary Greeks and less to the distress of well-heeled European bankers. Rather than trying to punish the “profligate,” they should have thought about the consequences of condemning Greece to years of negative growth, soaring unemployment and rising taxes with nothing promised in return except that maybe, a decade from now, its ratio of debt to gross domestic product might get back down to the problematic levels of 2008-9.”

So says the The New York Times.

An opinion most could agree with:

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Bankers: Prosecute The Swine
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As the The New York Times Comment says in its punchline paragraph:

“Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and others are now rushing to blame the Greeks for the summit package’s rapid unravelling. They need to take their own full share of responsibility for this crisis — and finally fix it. “

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