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John Terry Race Row: A Tabloid Hoax And Applying The Principles

by | 4th, November 2011

JOHN Terry Race Row: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the Chelsea and England captain in the news.

Is John Terry a racist because he used the world “fu**ing black c***” towards QPR’s Anton Ferdinand? Terry says no. The police are investigating. The only evidence we’ve seen of any wrongdoing is an out-of-context YouTube clip. But, still, sections of the media are gunning for Terry, who once, allegedly, tried to silence them them with a super-injunction. Is the media out for revenge? Will a tabloid soon ask: “So. Why hasn’t Terry Cheated On His White Wife With A Black Woman?”

The Sun: “JT probe over teen race rant”

Cops investigated John Terry over a recording in which a man is heard calling a teenager a “black c***”, The Sun can reveal. The England and Chelsea skipper was alleged to have been the man on the tape — and the words are the same as those he is accused of screaming at QPR’s Anton Ferdinand last month.

Some coincidence.

On the recording of a mobile phone call, the man goes berserk and shouts at a teenage boy: “Let’s f***ing meet up then and I’ll f***ing bang you out, you little mug, you little black c***.”

Bang you out?

A race hate investigation was launched by Kent and Essex Special Crime Directorate. But it was dropped and no charges brought amid claims that the recording was a hoax.

So. It was a lie that makes it into the Sun. Why repeat the lie? Why not mention the word “hoax” or “lie” in the headline?

Jason Burt, Telegraph:

Indeed the right thing to do would appear to be for Terry to release a statement reiterating his innocence but opting out because of the sensitivities of the case and the attention. It would take the pressure off everyone. That would be very harsh on an innocent man but it may be the honourable thing to do.

If you are innocent, you should not give an inch. You hold your head high and carry on.

Oliver Kay, The Times:

The FA needs to determine whether, on principle, it would be right for Terry to play for his country while he is being investigated not only by English football’s governing body but also by the Metropolitan Police over his verbal exchange with Anton Ferdinand during Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat by Queens Park Rangers last month.

Principle is that magic word that makes lawyers see pound signs. There is no principle. There are only facts.

Gordon Taylor, the chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), has insisted that Terry should be included rather than being punished without being found guilty of any offence.
“The key principle is that people should be assumed to be innocent until they are proved guilty and if you start to penalise players before they are found culpable of any guilt, that’s going down a dangerous road,” Taylor said.If John Terry wants to play then you don’t want to assume anyone is guilty until the facts are established.”

Such are the facts…

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