Anorak News | Michael Moore Occupies Denver With 2 SUVs And Punk Media

Michael Moore Occupies Denver With 2 SUVs And Punk Media

by | 5th, November 2011

OCCUPY Denver is being Occupied by Michael Moore, the wealthy film makers who does not “associate myself with those who do well”. The 99% giving themselves a voice are being co-opted by a host of famous members of the 1 percentile:

Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore joined a growing crowd at the “Occupy” Denver protest Thursday evening, but his encounter with CBS4 left him fuming when he was asked about whether he represented the “99 percent” that the protesters stand for, or the “1 percent” they claim to be rallying against….

Moore said a few words to the crowd and then was escorted by two security guards in an SUV

To transcribe:

Cassimy: “How are you helping these people?”

Moore: “Because I do well, I want taxes raised on people who do well, including mine.”

Cassimy: “How are you helping these people with your $50 million?

Moore: “I don’t have $50 million.”

Cassimy: “That’s what it’s rumored you are worth.”

Moore: “Well, really. Is that what you do is sell rumors?”

Cassimy: “We’re asking you for the truth.”

Moore: “You’re just punk media is all you are. You lie. You lie to people. Stop lying to people. Stop lying.”

Cassimy: “Are you not part of the 1 percent?”

Moore: “Just don’t lie, okay?”

Are the 1% are only listening to the 1% who like the Occupy movement? This occupying gig is hard work. Who wants ice-cream?

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