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Rupert Murdoch’s Ginger Tabby Got The Cream: Rebekah Brooks’ Pay Off

by | 6th, November 2011

FLAME-haired Rebekah Brooks, 43, who very reluctantly quit as chief executive of News International during Rupert Murdoch’s alleged “humbling” in the UK phone-hacking scandal was given a massive golden goodbye.

According to this morning’s Observer she got £1.7m in cash, the use of a London office and a two-year use of a chauffeur-driven limousine from the newspaper group.

Brooks, then Wade, rose to the top after her first newspaper job as as a secretary.

She had no formal training as a journalist and was regarded as an ace schmoozer as she soared away to the dizzy heights of News of the World and the Sun editor’s chairs: she showed a degree of ruthlessness which even surprised some hard-nuts in the cut-throat tabloid world.

Rebekah Brooks: A ruthless, charming super-schmoozer
BrooksRebekah Brooks photo: Some were scared as the tug boatman’s daughter helmed a great newspaper towards oblivion

As the Independent asked back in July: “Can it really be the case, that the News of the World has been “sacrificed to save one woman”? And if so, why?”

Brooks quit in July as the outcry grew over the alleged illegal activities carried out by her executives and reporters. She was later arrested, grilled by Operation Wheeting detectives and bailed in connection with allegations of phone hacking and corruption.

Brooks is also using an office along with the chauffeured car in wealthy central London area.

The location was not revealed for “security reasons” which will be a great comfort to those who had their phones hacked by News International.

The Observer points out the cosy pay-off will be raised on Thursday when James Murdoch, the 38-year-old son of Rupert and chairman of News International, returns to Westminster to answer more questions from the Commons culture, media and sport select committee.

It may be as well for young Master James to remember old Mister Rupert’s public declaration in the middle of the high summer News of the World fiasco; when asked what his priorities were he said: “She is” while looking fondly at his then News International supremo.
In true Aussie style he later nailed her hide to the shed…but does anyone believe that tanning is anything other than toughening up for a new Murdoch role?

Rebekah is usually coy and says little in public but retains the ability to purr and sharpen her claws at the same time.

It’s the new media multi-tasking.

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