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How To Find A Chicken Pox Party In Your Area: Follow The Lolly

by | 6th, November 2011

FOR fans of Chicken Pox, there is the  Facebook group called “Find a Pox Party in Your Area”.

The site states its aims:

If your children have the chicken pox and you are willing to help other children obtain natural immunity, please share on the wall. Post your location, such as, “Pox in Alabama”. I will reshare and you can set up the specifics with respondents via private message.

*Warning. The mailing of infectious items, such as lollipops, rags, etc, is a federal offense.

This is, of course, how small pox came to the Americas. Mrs Montezuma wanted to see it and one smoke signal led to another and before you knew it Corte was hand-delivering a used hanky, which would reshape human history.

Anyone who want to trade in chicken pox should know that doing so is banned. That snotty tissue is contraband:

[U.S. Attorney Jerry] Martin said it is a federal crime to send diseases or viruses across state lines, whether through the U.S. Postal Service or private services like FedEx or UPS. Sending the lollipops would be illegal under the same law that makes it illegal to mail contagions like anthrax. He said a conviction could lead to a sentence from less than a year to 20 years in prison.

And just imagine what treats you can pick up there?!

Martin said the items are sought by parents who don’t want to give their children vaccines. He said he could neither confirm nor deny that his office is investigating or seeking charges against anyone.
According to the TV reports, parents have turned to a Facebook group called “Find a Pox Party in Your Area” to link up people looking to share the virus.

One of the Facebook postings from Wendy Werkit of Nashville offered a “fresh batch of pox in Nashville shipping of suckers, spit and Q-tips available tomorrow 50 dollars via PayPal.”

Toss in some dental floss last used by a man with a bad head cold and you’ve got yourself a deal…

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