Anorak News | Malinda Dee: One Alleged Crooked Banker Gets Close To Severe Smack On The Wrist

Malinda Dee: One Alleged Crooked Banker Gets Close To Severe Smack On The Wrist

by | 8th, November 2011

BankerincourtANOTHER in Anorak’s occasional studies of the banking beast.

Meet former Citibank manager Malinda Dee(aka Inong Malinda) left, being shepherded into a Jakarta District Court today. Lots of pushy journalists were making her planned haute couture entrance a smidgeon shabby. Malinda is accused of embezzling around 17 billion Indonesian Rupiah (about a million quid) in customers’ funds, and faces up to 15 years in prison and Rupiah 200 billion in fines if found guilty.

Indonesia still has death by firing squad (usually straight into a grave dug by the condemned in a jungle clearing away from the prison) Malinda is thought likely to avoid that.

Let’s hope the book ’em and stick ’em up for judgement trend catches on and gets into Europe and the USA ASAP.

We could have a new tv court drama: slow roasting banking swine.

Note: During her remand, Dee underwent surgery for “breast inflammation“. See photos:


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Former senior vice president of Citibank Indonesia Inong Malinda Dee, center, is escorted by security officers as she is mobbed by the press upon arrival for her trial at a district court in Jakarta, Indonesia, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011. Dee was accused of embezzling about US$1.9 million from some 30 customers that include two former cabinet ministers and a former Jakarta governor. (AP Photo/Irwin Fedriansyah)

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