Anorak News | Jon Venables Gets No New Identity And Stays In Prison, Says Source

Jon Venables Gets No New Identity And Stays In Prison, Says Source

by | 8th, November 2011

JON Venables, one of James Bulger’s killers is back in the news. He’s behind bars, where he will stay for his own safely. Well, so says the official report.

Venables is in jail for possessing child pornography. And due to his “fragile mental state” and having told some friends his true identity, he will remain prison.

We learn:

The Daily Telegraph has also been told that if Venables does eventually regain his freedom, he will not be given a second false identity because it has been deemed too costly.

A “source” tells the paper:

“His progress is being reviewed every six months at the moment. He won’t be released until he can be trusted not to disclose his identity again. But because of his fragile mental state it doesn’t look as though he is going to be released in the near future. For his own safety, it is better that he is kept behind bars.”

He can never be trusted not to reveal his true identity. It is who he is.

“If he does eventually get released, he will live under the same false identity he has been using since 2001. The feeling is that only a very few people know the name he is using, and the risk can be managed. There are certainly no plans to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds creating a second new identity just for him to self-disclose again.”

Unless it’s bluff? Whatever it is or isn’t, the paper presses f9 on the keyboard and calls up Denis Fergus, James Bulger’s mother, who can be relied up on to be emotional:

Mrs Fergus said: “He will come up to apply for parole again next year but I think he has already blown it. If he can’t be trusted to keep his identity secret then he can’t be safe to be paroled.The parole board and probation officers shouldn’t take any more chances with him. He has been given enough chances and he has blown them all.”

Trouble is, giving away his true identlty is not a crime. It is foolish. It places Venables in danger. And Venables, aside from being a convicted killer, is not all that bright.

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