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Exmouth Couple Who Tossed Dog Into Sea Convicted By Passing Photographer

by | 10th, November 2011

TO DEVON, where John Nesbitt, 62, and Linda Jones, 51, both of Summer Close, have been spotted tossing their pet dog Jess off the end of the concrete Mamhead Slipway. The dog was unhurt. But someone took a photo. The RSPCA saw it. And so it is that the couple were ordered before Exeter Magistrates Court. There, an RSPCA vet said the pictures suggested that Jess could have “suffered spinal injuries from twisting through the air, and facial injuries from hitting the water“.

Prosecutor Clifford Howard said the water appeared to be shallow. He tells the court:

“They’re standing on a white line which says 15 metres to end, which I think indicates there’s another 15 metres of concrete before it drops off. The water immediately in front of where they were standing has concrete underneath. They were throwing their dog into shallow water, and potentially solid concrete.”

RSPCA vet David Cooper adds:

“Based on the photographs, [the incident] could have caused fear and distress to the dog, and could potentially have caused very serious injury.”

The couple were not in court. They say they were trying to cool down their pet.

Jones said:

“I always throw my dog in the sea if I think she’s too hot. I’d gladly do it again.”

She may care to reconsider. The court found her and Nesbitt guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal. The couple are expected to appeal their convictions.

Jess is living in a foster home.

The comments below the story on the Exmouth Journal are interesting:

* These two are oft’ seen in the town centre drinking cider and special brew. All funded (including their council house) at the kind expense of the East Devon tax payer. God bless them both!

* What a pair of disgusting human beings… you can tell how hot it is by what they are wearing themselves, big coats, clearly NOT a hot day. They should be banned from keeping animals, and massively fined, enough for the poor dog to be paid to live in luxury for the rest of its life!!


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