Anorak News | Did Mel Gibson’s Talented Sperm Show Laura Bellizzi Around A Gated Community? (Photos)

Did Mel Gibson’s Talented Sperm Show Laura Bellizzi Around A Gated Community? (Photos)

by | 10th, November 2011

GRAB hold of your hair plugs and prepare to ull hard: Star Magazine claims Mel Gibson is said to have impregnated Laura Bellizzi (aka Laura Patricio) another of his less than immaculate conception.

You will know Bellizzi from her fine work on reality TV show Secrets of Aspen.

Aspen’s social scene is a hive of scandal and intrigue – and Laura is definitely the Queen Bee. She may spend the off-season in Newport Beach, California, but when Aspen’s in season, Laura’s in town — shaking things up and making friends and enemies in equal numbers. This season she’s back in town with big plans to launch a skiwear line. Twice divorced, Laura is the proud mother of three overachieving daughters, but “mom” isn’t the first thing you think of the first time you lay eyes on this stunning beauty. When Laura sets her sights on anything – from another woman’s man to a business opportunity — heaven help anyone who gets in her way.

She and Mel might be suited:

With that said, my actions on the show aren’t always aligned, and aren’t always going to be aligned with my declared faith of the one thing that I am – I’m a Christian, and I believe in God and I do my best, even though I’m not perfect, each day, to seek, find, and fulfill his purpose for my life.

A Bridgette Willis tells Rumor Fix:

“In fact, it was not long at all after she and Mel met that she became pregnant with his child. I don’t know if the baby was planned but I know Laura has told me that she and her parents are just so happy!”

The Bellizzi-Goldsteins are happy?

Laura told me, ‘Mel and I have a connection we are deeply connected. [Keep it clean, Bridgette] We talk every day on the phone.’

I believe from what Laura has told me Mel Gibson’s intentions are to keep this pregnancy under raps. Mel Gibson is taking care of Laura financially. This will include a luxurious home in a prominent gated community in Ladera Ranch in Orange County that she will soon move into. Also, she has told me that their baby will be enrolled in an elite private pre-school in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Last I was told there is a pre and post birth arrangement that has been instilled by Mel Gibson that will also include a trust fund for the baby. Laura has told me that she hasn’t asked for anything from Mel Gibson.”


Mel’s talented sperm can sign cheques, unpick the locks on gates and show you round a home.

Radar reports that Mel and Laura are denying it all:

Both the mother-to-be, Laura Bellizzi, 35, and Gibson denied the claim when contacted for comment, and a source close to Mel insists that it’s “physically impossible” for the 55-year-old actor to have fathered the child.

He might be, but do his sperm know?


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