Anorak News | Jimmy Savile Takes Princess Diana’s Secret To His Concrete Grave

Jimmy Savile Takes Princess Diana’s Secret To His Concrete Grave

by | 14th, November 2011

WHY has Jimmy Savile’s coffin been encased in concrete?

Robert Morphet, of Bradford-based Joseph A Hey & Son, explains:

“We felt it was better to securely backfill the grave with a dry-mix of concrete for two reasons. One for security, so that the grave couldn’t and wouldn’t be opened again and secondly to provide a secure foundation for the memorial when it is placed on the grave.”

So. Nothing is of great value in the coffin?

“People may decide there is something of value but it was a steel-casket sprayed gold and I can confirm there was nothing of any value there. He was wearing his medal that he got from the marines, his cigars and his beret.”

Might there be another secret taken to the grave? Savile featured in the Squidgy conversations between Princess Diana and James Gilbey, a chat recorded from 1989:

DIANA: “Jimmy Savile rang me up yesterday, and he said, ‘I’m just ringing up, my girl, to tell you that His Nibs has asked me to come and help out the redhead, and I’m just letting you know, so that you don’t find out through her or him; and I hope it’s all right by you.’ And I said, ‘Jimmy, you do what you like.'”

GILBEY: “What do you mean, ‘help out the redhead,’ Darling?”

DIANA: “Sort her out. He said, ‘You can’t change a lame duck, but I’ve got to talk to her, ’cause that’s the boss’s orders, and I’ve got to carry them out. But I want you to know that you’re my number-one-girl, and I’m not….'”

GILBEY: “Oh, Darling, that’s not fair, you’re my number-one-girl!”

What else did Jimmy Savile fix..?

Meanwhile, high above Knightsbridge on the fabled six floor of Harvey Nichols a willowy blonde woman tilts her head and smirks…


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