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Sugar Plum Fairy Sacked For Swearing During Drugs Test

by | 16th, November 2011

LAURA Coppinger will not be playing the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in St. Charles, Missouri’s Main Street Christmas Traditions celebration. She lost her plum job for swearing as she “accidentally” flushed the toilet just before a routine drugs test. (What performance -enhancing drugs does an amateur fairy take – eggnog?)

The Christmas Traditions Code of Conduct states “Christmas characters don’t know naughty words“.

As the unemployed Sugar Plum Fairy tells it:

“Out of pure frustration with myself, I said a curse word. I made a mistake and I know I made a mistake and I’m willing to apologize for it. I wish they would just be a little more reasonable. I would love for them to say you know what we made a big mistake we love you and we actually would love to have you back this year for Sugar Plum Fairy. In a perfect world I would have my job.”

St Louis Today reports on a campaign to save Coppinger:

Outside Coppinger was drawing a small crowd. Bernie Kolo, a retiree from Collinsville, said he had read about the fairy’s plight and wanted to show his support. He bought some cookies to donate. “I was at the festival last year and she was skipping and flapping her wings, and I thought now that’s a happy fairy,” he said.

Local Mayor Sally Faith described the fairy’s behaviour and language asexcessively inappropriate“:

She said that job offers were made to 62 people — two of whom were children applying for the role of Tiny Tim. The Sugar Plum Fairy was the only one who did not follow the guidelines, she said. Faith said that about 100 people had called or emailed to ask her to reconsider the decision, and she was going to respond personally to each one. She said that no one would be filling the role of the fairy this year.

Can’t Ms Faith play the fairy? You can’t have Christmas without a fairy. And why does it take two children to play the role of Tiny Tim?


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