Anorak News | Sepp Blatter Uses The John Terry Defence: Fifa President Says Black Is White And White Is Black

Sepp Blatter Uses The John Terry Defence: Fifa President Says Black Is White And White Is Black

by | 17th, November 2011

SEPP Blatter, the Fifa President, says there is no racism in football. Sepp Blatter says victims of racism should just shake the hand of their abuser and stop complaining. He then clarifies his views with a Fifa in press release illustrated by this picture (see left). Anorak is not sure what went on before the handshake but imagines it might have involved fertile and crude racial abuse of a type that should be left in the Fifa boardroom, a place where normal rules of decency and law no longer apply.

Says Sepp, the white nigger:

I would like to make it very clear, I am committed to the fight against racism and any type of discrimination in football and in society. I have been personally leading this battle against racism in football, which FIFA has been fighting against throughout the past years through campaigns in all of our competitions such as the “Say no to racism” campaign.

And if you’re black, says “no thank you, bwoss”.

I also know that racism unfortunately continues to exist in football, and I have never denied this.

Yes, you have. See Blatter’s comment: “I would deny it. There is no racism…”

I know that it is a big problem in society, and that it also affects sport. I strongly believe that we should continue to fight all together against racism on and off the field of play, in order to eradicate this plague.

Having cured football of racism Blatter will now cure the rest of whatever planet he lives on with Project Handshake. That Nobel Prize he craves is a sure thing.

My comments have been misunderstood.

It’s the John Terry defence.

What I wanted to express is that, as football players, during a match, you have “battles” with your opponents, and sometimes things are done which are wrong. But, normally, at the end of the match, you apologise to your opponent if you had a confrontation during the match, you shake hands, and when the game is over, it is over. Anyone who has played a football match, or a match in any sport, knows that this is the case.

Everyone? Even the niggers? Or wer they not at the metting, Sepp?

Having said that, I want to stress again that I do not want to diminish the dimension of the problem of racism in society and in sport. I am committed to fighting this plague and kicking it out of football.

No, Sepp, you have not diminished it. You do not own it. You are not the arbitrator of the problem – you are the problem…


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