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Natalie Connor’s Facebook Lament: Cochrane Family Killer Misses Her Murdering Mum And Dad

by | 21st, November 2011

IN 2006, Natalie Connor, 18, was jailed for 11 years for manslaughter. Obsessed with 16-year-old Lucy Cochrane, targeted because of her ginger hair and learning difficulties, the killer persuaded her parents to attack the Cochrane family. Michael Connor, 40, poured petrol through the letter box of the Cochrane family’s semi-detached home in Brooklands, Manchester. He lit it. The fire took the life of killed Lucy’s father Alex, 54, and mother Maureen, 45. (All ages at the time of the murders.)

Michael Connor and his wife Jane, 40, were jailed for life.

In court, a counsellor read aloud:

“Lucy cries while alone in bed . . . and desperately misses the physical closeness she had with her mother and still misses the cuddling you associate with a younger child.”

Natalie Connor lied. She began her vendetta while the pair were pupils at Newall Green High School. Natalie accused Lucy of being a bully. The police reacted and actually arrested Lucy.

Five days before the fatal attack, the family reported that some kind of filmy liquid had been poured through their letterbox. The matter was reported to Greater Manchester Police but the liquid was not tested.

Naseem Malik, IPCC commissioner for the North West, said:

“No one can ever say that there would have been a different outcome had Greater Manchester Police acted differently. However, it is clear that there were failings in the duty of care. The Cochranes were victims of harassment but were not identified as such, and therefore Greater Manchester Police failed to give them the service they needed.”

No one can say the parents would be alive had the police protected them? No one?

Now Natalie Connor is out.

She’s got a Facebook page. On it she writes:

“Mum i need u loads wish you was here to give me a cuddle and tell me you love me…

“I havent been this ill for ages i want my mum so I can have a cuddle off her 2 make me better.”

Thomas Williams, Lucy’s grandfather, tell the Manchester Evening News:

“She’s going on about what she’s missing and not given any thought to what Lucy’s missing. She will see her mother eventually but Lucy won’t. If it was a normal person in normal circumstances, you would feel some pity for her. But in this case I feel absolutely hard-hearted against her. She shouldn’t be allowed on Facebook. We were angry when we found out she had been released but it made us even more angry when we found out what she had said on Facebook. In my opinion she has been freed too early.  My fear now is that the other two are going to be released early. That would be a crime after what we’ve been through and what Maureen and Alex suffered.”

Connor’s Facebook profile is now unavailable.

What odds she did the decent thing, and that prison helped her to see her wrongs? What odds she just felt sorry for herself..?

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