Anorak News | Man Sues ‘Liz Jones’ For Stealing His Sperm And Having Twins

Man Sues ‘Liz Jones’ For Stealing His Sperm And Having Twins

by | 24th, November 2011

JOE Pressil, 36, says his ex-lover stole his sperm and took it to Houston’s Advanced Fertility Center of Texas, where three months after their split she became pregnant. The woman- whose name we are not told but we might refer to as ‘Liz Jones‘ – had twin boys.

He only learned of the alleged caper when a receipt from the clinic listing him as the “patient”  landed in his letter box.

The mother then sued him for child support. She won. Blood tests proved Pressil was the babies’ father.

Says Pressil:

“Actually, I couldn’t believe it could be done. I was very, very devastated… I couldn’t believe that this fertility clinic could actually do this without my consent, or without my even being there.”

He is now suing. He says his religion forbids artificial insemination:

“That’s a violation of myself, to what I believe in, to my religion, and just to my manhood.”

One question remains: how did ‘Liz Jones’ harvest and store his seed? Says he, recalling a “special” condom she used (see Ziploc bags and test tubes):

“I did notice a little bit because she would take the condom and ask me to discard it. And usually, a male would discard their own property, but she would always take the condom and she would run off out of the room and I just didn’t think anything of it. And I didn’t think that anyone could use a condom and bring it to a clinic to get an in vitro.”

He should read the Daily Mail.

Pressil’s attorney, Jason Gibson enlarges his case:

“It’s not what you’re thinking when you’re in a relationship. That’s not what most people are thinking, that their partner is going to get a special condom, use that condom as soon as you’re done having sex, run off to the fertility clinic to go have an IVF procedure. That’s certainly not what my client was thinking.”

No, he’s thinking: there goes my girl with a used special condom. Now, pass the remote control…

Danny Sheena, a lawyer for the Advanced Fertility Center and Omni-Med Laboratories, Danny Sheena, says the lawsuit is “suspect” and “disingenuous”. He says some men supply samples not in person and that Mr Pressil’s junk arrived in a cup that was sealed in a bag.

Indeed, readers, with a special condom like that it’s  marvel he produced anything.

Pass the Royal Daulton, darlin’, I’m in the mood for magick…

Image: Australia’s IVF drive. (via BIOTV)

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