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Olympics: The 1972 Munich Games In Photos

by | 25th, November 2011


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FILE - A Sept. 5, 1972 file photo shows a member of the Palestinian terrorist group who seized members of the Israeli Olympic team at their quarters at the Munich Olympic Village as the person appears with a hood over his face on the balcony of the village building where the hostages were held. The death of a Hamas operative at the hands of a hit team of inconspicuous lookouts and burly killers in a Dubai hotel conjures up images of both of the string of killings that followed the murder of Israeli athletes in the 1972 Munich Olympics and the bungled attempt to poison a different Hamas man in Jordan's capital 13 years ago. Israel's Mossad spy agency, the prime suspect in the Jan. 20, 2010 Dubai killing, has known both triumph and embarrassment in decades of covert warfare, and the latest episode would appear to include elements of each. (AP Photo/Kurt Strumpf, Files)

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