Anorak News | Black Friday Shoppers Stepped Over Dying Fallen Herd Member

Black Friday Shoppers Stepped Over Dying Fallen Herd Member

by | 27th, November 2011

WHEN Black Friday shopper Walter Vance collapsed dying, the other shoppers stepped over him.

The story goes that other shoppers at a West Virginia branch of Target failed to help Mr Vance. Doubtless they thought it a ruse cooked up by Mr Vance and a gang to delay the competitors’ gallop to the games consoles. They would keep their eyes on the prize.

This might be what he would have wanted. One thing Black Friday shoppers know is that they are in their herd. The old, frail and incapable are left to their own devices, flotsam on the shop floor Serengeti as the gene carriers make their way to the lush pastures of cheap waffle irons and towels.

A group of nurses did stop to help Mr Vance. A Target worker called an ambulance.

But it was all for nought. Mr Vance died.

We do not know what happend to the nurses and the Target worker, but chances are they were soon eaten by crocodiles in the home office furniture department…

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