Anorak News | Samuel Dale “Sam” Brownback Demands Emma Sullivan Writes Lines As Punishment

Samuel Dale “Sam” Brownback Demands Emma Sullivan Writes Lines As Punishment

by | 28th, November 2011

POLITICIANS can be so touchy. When schoolgirl Emma Sullivan, 18,placed the hashtag #blowsalot on Twitter by the name of Republican governor of Kansas Samuel Dale “Sam” Brownback, the politician’s team tracked her down. She had tweeted at a Youth Government program at the state Capitol:

“Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot.”

A member of Brownback’s team found the comment on Twitter. They wrote to Sullivan’s school principal. Then:

“Sullivan received a scolding at school and was ordered to send Brownback an apology letter. She said Prinicipal Karl R. Krawitz even suggested talking points for the letter she was supposed to turn in Monday.”

She declined. She tweeted“I hope this opens the door for average citizens to voice their opinion & to be heard! #goingstrong.”

Sullivan has yet to respond by calling her names or demanding that she be made to stand in the corner or expelled.

Meanwhile, Sullivan is more popular than ever:

Sullivan’s followers have increased from about five dozen to more than 7,400 in just days, a rate of growth that would be the envy of any celebrity. She out-pulls Brownback by a ratio of better than 2 to 1.

And the best bit about this story is that Sullivan never did tell the Governor he sucked. She just mouthed off on Twitter. She never had to tell him anything to his face. She spoke truth to power with a tweet. And now she;s got loada mates on Twitter. It’s a virtual rebellion…

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