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Therapy Industry Is Using Gary Speed’s Death To Advertise Its Services

by | 30th, November 2011

MORE Gary Speed opportunism in the Scotsman, where Nicola Peckett, head of communications at the Samaritans, uses the Wales manager’s death to promote her own cause…

Nicola Peckett: Gary Speed in group most at risk from suicide

But we do not know what Gary Speed died. How can he represent an entire demographic?

The group most likely to take their life through suicide is men in their 30s, 40s and 50s. That is quite different to what most people think, as they tend to believe younger men are more at risk. Three out of four people who die by suicide in the UK are men, and those from poorer backgrounds have the highest risk. But suicide can also affect people from more affluent backgrounds, who appear to be successful in their work and home lives.

Cheers, Nicola. Gary Speed’s death is now a talking point for the therapy industry.

This follows the opportunism of Sporting Chance, the rehab facility dealing with addiction in sportsmen? Was Gary Speed addicted to anything? Dunno, None of our business if he was or wasn’t. Unless, of course, therapy is your business, in which case feel free to pass judgement and tell us about your services.

So. Here’s Sue Baker, Director of Time to Change, the anti-stigma programme run by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness. Says the expert:

“We do not yet know the circumstances around the terrible tragedy of Gary Speed’s death…”



We can guess?

“…we want to encourage anyone experiencing similar levels of despair to try to speak to someone, whether friend, family or their doctor. In the past few days, fellow former footballer Stan Collymore has been tweeting openly and honestly about his ongoing battle with depression. We hope that everyone feels able to follow Collymore’s advice to seek help if they feel like this.”

Only, we do not know that Gary Speed was depressed. We do not know his “levels of depsair“. Still, why bother with the facts when you can use the tragic death of a man with high profile to further you own pet cause?

The pressure on the Speed family to give into the welter of pressure from groups keen to use the Leeds United, Newcastle United, Everton, Blackburn Rovers and Sheffield United footballer as a promotional aide must be intense. They would do well to resist it and be allowed to keep things private…


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Chris Fairclough, Jon Newsome and Gary Speed celebrate Jon Newsome's goal

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