Anorak News | Tulisa Blames Everything On Her Being Poor On X Factor Apart From Lack Of Knowledge

Tulisa Blames Everything On Her Being Poor On X Factor Apart From Lack Of Knowledge

by | 1st, December 2011

FOR those who saw the fly-on-the-wall documentary series that followed N-Dubz around (all ten of us then, great), you will have seen Tulisa Contostavlos as a rather canny young woman who was a lot smarter than she let on. And so, her getting the gig on theĀ X Factor was potentially a very good idea.

Alas, along the way, something went wrong. Namely, the thing that went wrong was Tulisa showcasing her gaping lack of knowledge when it comes to popular music. Out of her depth, she’s taken to holding back her (surprisingly) warm personality in favour of constantly sounding like she’s in a job-interview while saying things that are knuckle-whiteningly irritating.

Rock week? Pick pop songs and put a guitar on it?… Aretha Franklin’s Think? Never heard of it…. Anyone says anything about my acts? I’ll just say exactly the same next week?…. Kelly keeps mentioning En Vogue? As a show of how original Little Mix are, I’ll let Kelly mention it for a solid month before passing off their version of Don’t Let Go (Love) as my own idea….


And what can we blame for all this? Everything but the fact that Tulisa is out of her depth. The singer herself has said that this is all down to her childhood.

Reflecting on her role, she said:

“I’ll think, ‘I don’t belong here’. I get those moments now and again. Although I can be very feisty, that’s a defence mechanism for me. I’m defensive because too many years of my life I was treated like s***.”

That’s as may be, but some blame has to be levelled at the complete unwillingness to learn anything while on the job. She says she’d love to be back for next year’s X Factor, but it doesn’t look likely from here.

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