Anorak News | Did Groupon Really Trigger A Fight At Santa’s York Grotto?

Did Groupon Really Trigger A Fight At Santa’s York Grotto?

by | 3rd, December 2011

HAS GROUPON stolen your Christmas? News from York, where 2,000 parents and present-hungry kids rocked up to the St. Nicholas Fayre. They’ve read the Groupon email advertising its “winter wonderland” with a train ride. Trouble is that grotto only takes 40 children at a time…and there’s no train. Cue angry mums and dads.

The Telegraph caught up with grotto chief Penny Ward:

When parents discovered there was no train ride, and the queues to the grotto became so long that their children couldn’t get in, some parents began swearing at staff, who were dressed as elves, fairies and a Christmas tree.  Penny said: “One man even verbally threatened the lady who is dressed as a Christmas tree. One of the elves was so upset that she has resigned. It was a complete nightmare. Children were crying and upset.”

‘Tis the season to be jolly…
Says Groupon:

“Owing to a technical error, we apologise that the picture and wording used in this promotion may have indicated that a train ride was available at York Winter Wonderland when this wasn’t the case. We regret any disappointment this may have caused.”

How’s that for an apology. Not only do you, allegedly, foment mayhem at the Grotto buyt you then question the mental capcity of your customers.
If anyone has the email, pelase send it over – and we’ll see if hundreds of families “may” have misunderstood it.
Update: The above image is from the York Winter Wonderland website. See Santa….. See his train?  Might Groupon have been hard down by?


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